A new mask designed for healthcare professionals, by healthcare professionals

An innovative mask worn by patients undergoing endoscopic procedures. The FFP-Endo incorporates CIDALTEX® technology with dual action: filtration and decontamination.

The sticky tabs cover the diaphragm holes to ensure the mask is sealed before and after the endoscope is inserted.

The handles allow for a slight pull on the mask to ease the insertion of the endoscope and avoid friction.

The diaphragm holes are positioned in front of the nostrils. They form a seal around the endoscope tube to prevent the spread of respiratory particles emitted from the patient while breathing.

Diagram of the protective material needed to perform the endoscopy procedure with the FFP-Endo mask worn by the patient

The Objective of FFP-Endo Mask

To allow endoscopy procedures to return to normal by streamlining new health safety protocols.

Wearing the FFP-Endo mask prevents the spread of the respiratory particles emitted from the patient during breathing and allows the practitioner to carry out his endoscopy procedures under optimal sanitary safety conditions.

the 1st mask designed for endoscopic procedures

Demonstration by Pr ANTOINE GIOVANNI of the CIDALTEX®
FFP-Endo mask during a nasal endoscopy

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The birth of the FFP-Endo project

The health situation linked to the COVID-19 pandemic has had a strong impact on the world of medicine and that of the ENT endoscopy sector in particular.

In March 2020, at the height of the pandemic in France, ENT procedures were put on hold and only emergency procedures could be performed.

Why? As SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory virus, ENT endoscopies represent a risk of aerosolization with possible contamination of front-line practitioners. As a result, non-urgent procedures were postponed and the time used for treatment was extended.

In order to be able to continue the practice of endoscopies, safety protocols have been developed. Their goal: to improve the procedural protocol and resume optimal conditions of safety for doctors and patients. These are restrictive protocols, which have a heavy impact on patient care.

The FFP-Endo project was born last April, at the initiative of Professor Antoine Giovanni and the BioSerenity team.

A university professor (Aix Marseille University) and hospital practitioner (AP-HM), he had an idea of ​​developing a mask that would be worn by the patient during an endoscopic procedure and that would prevent the spread of the virus in the room by the potential presence of an infected patient.

Above all, he seeks to set up a reliable product and a reassuring procedure in order to be able to resume normal medical care.

Conclusive simulations were carried out by teams at the University of Aix-Marseille

Various simulation tests were carried out and verify that the mask meets the needs of both endoscopic procedures and practices according to CE standards. The mask is certified to Standard EN14683.

Maskless simulation of the propagation of particles emitted by the patient during exhalation

Simulation of the air exhaled by the patient with the wearing of a prototype FFP-Endo mask: An FFP2 mask with a tight seal and diaphragm holes for the insertion of the endoscope in the nose

Simulations carried out by Gilles Bouchet from the University of Aix-Marseille who provided support and expertise to the project.

  • Feedback from practitioners was transmitted and has been taken into account by the production teams
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