Disposable Virucidal-Bactericidal Medical Mask (Type IIR)

Disposable Virucidal-Bactericidal Medical Mask (Type IIR)

Disposable Virucidal-Bactericidal Medical Mask (Type IIR)

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588,00 Hors Taxe (TVA 5,5% en sus)

  • Disposable Virucidal-Bactericidal Medical Mask (Type IIR)
  • Packaging Case 25 masks
  • Box Size 135x135x125mm
  • CIDALTEX® eliminates viruses and bacteria
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency > 98%( particle size: 3μm)
  • Disposable
  • Splash resistant
  • Certified to Standard EN-14683
  • Made in France
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Recommended for healthcare professionals who work in areas with medium to high probability of viral presence in the ambient air.

Viruses are transmitted through droplets, emitted when a person speaks, coughs, sneezes; or are spread through viral aerosols at high concentrations in ambient air.

The Disposable Virucidal-Bactericidal Medical Mask is a medical device manufactured by BioSerenity that combines the filtration efficiency of surgical Type IIR masks with the air decontamination technology of CIDALTEX®, which integrates antibacterial and antiviral properties.

The mask retains the filtration quality of surgical masks, which effectively lowers virus spread from the wearer by reducing the risk of transmission through “droplets”, which are emitted when a person speaks, coughs, or sneezes.

The addition of CIDALTEX® technology to one of the mask’s filter layers permits the decontamination of air inhaled and exhaled by trapping infectious agents and destroying them via a decontaminant agent. This layer significantly enhances the user’s level of protection by eliminating bacteria and viruses filtered within the mask.

CIDALTEX® Technology provides anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection

Technology developed by BioSerenity in collaboration with the University of Lille and INSERM. The layer functionalization grafting process is based on the scientific work from the University of Lille.

(Existing Patent FR2984176A1 / 2013)

Length: 175 ± 5 mm
(Child: 145 ± 5 mm)
Width: 95 ± 5 mm

Elastic Straps
Length: 180 ± 10 mm
Thickness: 3 ± 1 mm

Nose Clip
Length: 100 ± 10 mm
(Child: 90 ± 10 mm)
Width: 3 ± 1 mm
Thickness: 1 ± 0.1 mm
(Child: 0.45 ± 0.1 mm)

< 10 g
(Child: < 5 g)

Case: 25 masks
Box Size: 135 x 135 x 125mm

The box is covered in a plastic film in order to protect the masks until they are used.

Medical Device conformed to European Directive 93/42/EEC

  • Certified to Standard EN-14683

Made in France

  • Production factory in Troyes
  • Raw European materials

Advanced filtration against the risk of droplet transmission.

  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency* > 98%
  • Differential pressure < 60 Pa / cm2
  • Synthetic Blood Splash resistance at pressure ≥ 16kPa

Air Decontamination Technology

  • Integrated within the filtration layer of the mask CIDALTEX® eliminates viruses and bacteria.
  • 4 log (99.99% effective) in 2hr. for E. coli and S. aureus*
  • > 3.4 log (99.96% limit of detection) in 20min. for Human Coronavirus 229E

Breathable comfortable mask

  • Soft interior surface upon the skin
  • Efficient air permeability allows for natural breathing (breathability according to standard EN149)
  • Recommended wear time: 4h


*Reference particle size: 3μm ; **Reference particle size: 0.6 μm

  • Ear Loops : polyamide and elastane, latex, and rubber free
  • Nose Clip : flexible composite (presence of polyethylene, steel)

Exterior Layer:
Purpose: Anti-droplet protection and mask barrier
Substance: Polypropylene
Fiber: Non-Woven Spunbond
Density: 25 ± 5 g/m2
Color: Blue

Air Decontamination Filter Layer:
Purpose: Advanced filtration eliminates infectious particles
Substance: Polypropylene
Fiber: Meltblown and Spunbond
Density: 50 ± 10 g/m2
Color: White

Interior Layer:
Purpose: Protection, mask wear and comfort
Substance: Polypropylene
Fiber: Non-Woven Spunbond
Density: 25 ± 5 g/m2
Color: White


Certification in Progress


  • Medical device containing an air decontaminating inner layer with anti-viral and anti-bacterial actions verified in accredited laboratories.
  • Laboratory-tested fixation of the decontaminant agent (ADBAC) to avoid skin contact or inhalation under the recommended conditions.
  • In the event of an allergic reaction, remove the mask immediately.
  • Do not touch the front of the mask with your hands while wearing it.
  • Change the mask as soon as it becomes wet, at least every 4 hours.


  • Store away from direct sunlight, dust, and humidity.
  • Masks can be stored for 3 years. Discard and replace the mask if it:
    • is damaged
    • interferes with breathing
    • becomes wet
    • is contaminated with one or more fluids, bodily or any other infectious elements.


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