Masque Médical CIDALTEX® – Lot 600 masques

Masque Médical CIDALTEX® – Lot 600 masques

Masque Médical CIDALTEX® – Lot 600 masques

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588,00 Hors Taxe (TVA 5,5% en sus)

  • Lot de 600 masques à usage unique
  • Etui de 50 masques à usage unique
  • Dispositif médical certifié EN-14683
  • Activité antivirale et antibactérienne démontrée par essais in vitro en laboratoire
    • Efficacité antivirale > 99,99% (4log) : décontamination du flux d’air, mesuré en 5min.
    • Efficacité antibactérienne > 99,99% (4log) : inactivation par contact, mesuré en 2h
  • Efficacité de filtration bactérienne EFB > 99,8%
  • Efficacité de filtration particulaire EFP > 97%
  • Performances antifuites et EFP selon la norme EN-149
  • Résistant aux éclaboussures
  • Fabriqué en France
UGS : 1016-07013-FR Catégorie :


This class I medical device is a health product manufactured by BioSerenity and regulated which bears, under these regulations, the CE mark. Refer to the instructions and the indications for proper use issued by the health authorities.
Indications: These filter masks are recommended for anyone seeking protection against liquid and solid particles and a reduction in exposure to bacteria and viruses. Good use: Mask designed for a maximum duration of use of 4 hours in a single port. Do not use in case of allergy to benzalkonium chloride. In case of discomfort or abnormal reaction, remove the mask and consult your doctor.
Not intended for children and pregnant women.

Recommended for : places with medium or high probability of the presence of a virus in the ambient air.
Viruses are usually transmitted through droplets, emitted when a person speaks, coughs, sneezes, or by aerosols with high viral concentration in the ambient air.

The Double Action Medical Mask : Filtration and Decontamination is a medical device manufactured in France by BioSerenity which provides optimal protection by combining the filtration characteristics of a type IIR surgical mask, while combining it with the technology that allows to decontaminate the air, CIDALTEX® with antibacterial and antiviral action.
The mask benefits from the filtration capacities of an mask, which reduce both the risk of
transmission if the wearer is infected, but also the risk of contamination by environmental factors for the wearer. All while respecting the standards of Type IIR surgical masks, such as microbial cleanliness or diaper
splash resistant outer. The wearer of the mask is therefore effectively protected against infectious agents transmissible by “aerosols” or by “droplets” (inspiration / expiration).
The addition of CIDALTEX® technology to the filter layer allows the decontamination of the air inspired and exhaled by an active action on the infectious agents which are eliminated in contact with the active principle with a wide field of action fixed on the layer. This technology greatly enhances the wearer’s level of protection by eliminating infectious agents deposited or
filtered by the mask.

Mask usage precautions

  • Do not use in case of known allergy to benzalkonium chloride
  • Do not remove the mask from its packaging until you are ready to use it.
  • Before use, check its integrity as well as that of the elastic ties


  • Medical device comprising an internal decontaminating layer with anti-viral and anti-
    bacterial actions verified in the laboratory.
  • Fixation of the disinfectant agent (ADBAC) validated in the laboratory, to avoid any skin contact or inhalation under the recommended conditions.
  • In the event of a skin or allergic reaction, remove the mask immediately.
  • Do not touch the front of the mask with your hands when wearing it.
  • Change your mask as soon as it gets wet and at least every 4 hours

Mask conservation

  •  Store away from sunlight, dust and humidity.
  •  The masks can be kept for 3 years.

Discard and replace the mask if it :

  • is damaged
  • does not have sufficient sealing
  • seems wet
  • is contaminated by one or more liquids, bodily or any other infectious element.

Medical device compliant with European Directive 93/42 / EEC and certified with Standard EN 14683.
The filtration and breathability of the mask follow the higher standard EN 149.

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    Vincent Binet

    Bien reçu, très bonne qualité doux et solide les élastiques ne sont pas douloureux et maintiennent très bien le masque.

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    Est ce que ces masques peuvent être commandés par des particuliers, SVP? Merci.

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